Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Miscelaneous flesh@ City Art Gallery

Ytaelena Lopez´show

March 2009
Café Chan Chan

April 2009
City Art Gallery

About Miscellaneous flesh

"Where are you from? In this time, you have the option to choose where you want to belong. It is a huge privilege that allow us to go more far away that a physical place or a racial identity. We can build an identity based in our vision of a better world, a new trans-cultural "American Dream". But for to do that, we have to accept that we are, we was, as a point of begin.

In my case I am woman, I am Latina, I am immigrant, I am a Yta.

I have to deal with the haunting of all the thing that I left behind me: the violence, the absence of hope, the death, the minority tag.

But I have the option to move forward to the person that I wanted to be: Yta.

Home lives in myself, come where I am come, it is my flesh.

If I want freedom, I have to take the responsibility in that change.

It is not a miscellaneous issue. "

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