Friday, April 03, 2009

Core Synronism by Karen Fox

Because this is a blog for support the talented people, I am copping the email that I received from Karen Fox:

I am offering Core Synchronism sessions this month in my home, and wanted to let you know. Please feel free to tell your friends and colleagues about this offer.

For April I am discounting the sessions for dancers, circus people and my friends. The usual cost is $125. In April the discounted sessions cost $50. Please let your peeps know, and make an appointment for yourself.

This is great work, as most of you have already experienced at least once. I have continued to study and last Halloween I received my full certification. It is important for me to practice...and also I want to get a sense of how this work will be received in the bay area. So, by partaking, you are helping me out as well.


I hope this email finds you rich in the qualities of you life.


Core Synchronism is a system of bodywork designed to assist Nature in establishing harmony with all parts of the organism, via the Vital Force and the Cerebrospinal fluid. All aspects of self are synchronized to the Soul Breath to access and release states of imbalance, trauma, pain, etc. completely from the system.

Core Synchronism is a gentle palpatory approach to healing and harmony. Healing is stimulated by deep states of relaxation. Core Synchronism is deeply relaxing, safe and gentle. This work is based on the philosophy of natural therapeutics, cranial osteopathy, polarity therapy as well as the palpatory and philosophical discoveries of Robert Stevens. Core enables a practitioner to access all layers of the physical and energetic/causal bodies to release disharmonic patterns from their source.

"Choose love and creativity over fear and divisiveness"
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The Deluxe Mystery School of Feminine Wiles and Wisdom

If you want to know more, please leave your contact info in this post.

Karen will performance tomorrow April 4, 2009 at MAPP. For to know more, see locations:

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