Thursday, January 24, 2008

GREEN-PE, the poetic infection

"Are you already sick of art? The only way to know it is try our test: try to become a poet with our poetic karaoke.
If you get bored, don't worry, you are OK. You won't become a looser.
If you fell the soul of the verse when you repeat it, you are infected.
If you are so, maybe you have to try our vaccine: try to life with stolen works."

Video-art made by Ytaelena López and Koral García (GrupoGrama) in 2002 with the collaboration of many Venezuelan poets.


Der Pratter said...

Yta, siempre recuerdo ese día. Fue todo muy raro y hermoso.

Qué vaina tan loca. Mezcla rara entre videoarte y video de bachillerato :)

un abrazo Yta. Gracias por esa sorpresa.

luis said...

Yta, revisa esta pagina en especail los link que tiene la pagina